Company Leadership

Steve and Amy Palmer - Founders

Steve's leadership and business savvy have turned this former Inc. 500 company manager into a successful entrepreneur. Under Steve’s wing, with his vision and passion for success, Thrive Life has grown from a simple idea into a rapidly expanding company. Amy has been extensively involved in the development of many excellent Thrive recipes. She holds a Community Health degree from Utah State University and is also a Registered Nurse.



Jason and Lindsay Budge - Founders

Jason is the inventive heart of Thrive Life. From the time he and Steve created the first garage-built prototypes of the Thrive Life Food Rotation System to perfecting the vast line of shelving and freeze dried food we have today, Jason has proven his passion for innovation and problem solving. Lindsay’s passion for cooking has helped her develop several successful Thrive recipes. She holds a Masters Degree from Utah State University.



Jason Norton - President

Jason has been working in the social sales industry since 1999 and started this business model here at Thrive Life. Jason is passionate about helping individuals grow and find success in their Thrive Life business adventures.



Jeremy Taeoalii - Chief Operating Officer

Jeremy began his career working in the call center of a large direct sales company. After several years and many promotions in the call center, warehouse, and distribution center Jeremy moved to the IT Department, where he eventually served as Vice President. Jeremy has considerable experience in operations which allows him to build the infrastructure for exponential growth at Thrive Life.


Eric Morgan - Vice President of Marketing

Eric brings his substantial background in strategic marketing and creative direction to Thrive Life as the VP of Marketing. His creativity and innovative ideas have brought a fresh new look to Thrive Life conventions, regional meetings, training, and more.


Sebastian Nilsson - Chief Financial Officer

Sebastian started as Thrive Life's Marketing Director in 2011. He developed our Strategic Initiatives Department in 2013 to focus on aligning company objectives and resources. As our Chief Financial Officer, he works heavily with our Supply Chain and Finance Departments researching additional cost savings, promoting vertical expansion, and creating the proper infrastructure to ensure consultants are successful, and Thrive Life is profitable and stable.


Jenny Swingle - Vice President of Operations

Jenny's extensive background in finance and human resources blends to create a powerhouse for resource management. Working closely with technical, quality, and operational teams, Jenny ensures that the proper management framework is in place and that our complex operational requirements are met. With the help of Jenny, our top-class facility maintains its outstanding reputation.


Mark Harvey - Vice President of Development

Mark joined Thrive Life just as our state-of-the-art freeze drying facility was nearing completion―and it wasn't a day too soon! As the former CEO of one of Europe's largest freeze drying facilities, Mark has over 20 years of experience spanning product and business development to sales and key account management. His depth of knowledge and network of contacts are working together to bring you an exciting range of new products and applications. With Mark's help, our facility and product line just keep getting better and better!